Avrios AG

Avrios is the award-winning fleet management software. Founded in 2015 in Zurich by a team of serial entrepreneurs, Avrios currently manages the fleet of more th [...]


Relying on our expertise in robotics, computer vision and machine learning, as well as a thorough foundation in classical systems engineering, avionics and pilot [...]


Nexxiot is an innovator in zero maintenance IoT / M2M solutions. Founded in 2015, the service is made possible through our self-developed smart sensor modules an [...]


Guuru’s mission is to become the world’s leading Customer Service Crowdsourcing Platform and fix the Customer Service industry. Full Stack Engineers are an ess [...]


Wir verbinden Menschen. Im Alltag und in Notsituationen. CARU interagiert mit seinem Nutzer, weist ihn auf Unregelmässigkeiten hin und kann relevante Informatio [...]

Roll2Go AG


AI Retailer Systems, AG

AI Retailer Systems enable retailers to open 24/7 with a computer vision based checkout-free solution. We use cameras installed in the ceiling of the store to [...]

Coople we are hiring!

Founded in 2009 by the award-winning Swiss entrepreneur Viktor Calabrò, Coople operates the largest on-demand staffing platform in Europe. The platform instantly [...]


WayRay is a technology company with offices in Switzerland, United States, China, Hong Kong, Germany, and Russia. It develops holographic AR technologies for con [...]


At KNIME®, we build software for fast, easy and intuitive access to advanced data science, helping organizations drive innovation. Our KNIME Analytics Platfor [...]


Our founders started Tresorit in 2012 as they didn’t trust mainstream file sync apps and wanted to create a truly secure service. Since then, Tresorit has grown [...]


Squirro was founded in 2013 with a single vision: To get the right information at the right time in context of an employee’s workplace – in real-time, updating a [...]


B3i is creating a better insurance industry by developing standards, protocols and network infrastructure to remove friction in risk transfer. B3i’s shareholder [...]